Additional Trail Map Info

The images below were created using Google Earth and represent a couple of example routes to the top of the mountain (note the thin red lines).


These routes are just examples and – if used – would result in some sculpture viewing, but might not be the best routes for optimum sculpture viewing.


Many sculptures are located on side trails and off the main road, so please use the trail map and key (found at the kiosk or the latest map & key PDF can be downloaded / printed online) to plot your personal route.


NOTE:  The routes shown below are each about seven tenths (0.7) of a mile and gain approximately 370 vertical feet from the parking lot near RT 13.


This first map shows the route up the main paved road all the way to the studio and then out the back up to “Phoenix” at the top. This is the easier of the two routes shown since it sticks with the pavement most of the way up.


The highlighted red area at the top of the mountain (Studio) corresponds to the darker red segment on the elevation chart indicating that to be at about 540 ft above sea level (the parking lot is around 250 ft above sea level).


The next image shows the same route up the hill until the Cell Tower gravel road is taken.

The highlighted red area in this case shows the steepest part of this climb up to about the same level as the studio. The top of both hikes ends at approximately 620 ft above sea level for a total vertical gain of about 370 feet.