Anita Sulimanovic – Croatia

Fascinating with wavy sea – cycle – rhythm of waves. Flowing in perfect order, symmetric order, within time. In predetermined direction: the order of roof tile, the bark of the tree, the structure of fish scales…
It might present all of these in the associative sense, BUT, it might not be anything of it, anything specific in the natural mimetic reading.
I understand sculpture is a system for deciphering psychophysiologic impulses. I am trying to build the scenes of visions of forms “seized” from nature, allusions on the symbolism of organic life.
This sculpture presents the process…process of growing: process of civilization, of building the house/the home (or covering living space – roof scales – making a shelter), or even the sculptor’s process of creating a sculpture.
There are many answers on this sculpture, as it is meant to be a kind of question or an invitation for contemplation about the enigma – the secret – the mystery of existence.