Elena Saracino – Italy


Email: www.elenasaracino.com



Born in Udine March 5, 1976. After graduating in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara in 2005, she went on studying at the same academy to obtain a master degree in sculpture. Since 2007 her constant practice and research through the use of marble and stone, allows her to participate in competitions and sculpture symposiums in Italy and all abroad. She then develops a growing interest in the conception of outdoor sculptures that leads her to seek a stronger integration between her artwork and the environment.
Thus, since 2011, she also realizes intallations of environmental art.
The journeys undertaken during her artistic research increase her desire to explore cultures on a more anthropological and human level, through ever more symbolic and idealized shapes. The vision of the mystical aspect of the contrasts that complement each other in sculpture remains constant and so does the concept of physical contradiction and utopia in the images of landscape ephemeral installations.


“The essence of my work focuses on the exclusive communication with the environment and people. By using a three-dimensional language expressed into ways, sculpture and installations, I follow a joint investigation that expresses through symbols the infinite metamorphosis of life.  The sculpture is the means by which I seek shapes capable of manifesting  the mystical and spiritual side of reality and thus of every being in nature. Specifically, I conceive a sculpture as an organism in motion…Almost like a being that is constantly changing and offers to the imagination the possibility of new and multiple points of view. The installations, designed in relation to a particular environment, are dreamlike images that you can walk into and interact with. By using ephemeral materials that came for mature of are salvaged and recycled, I interpret through simple subjects take from the animal works of anthropological symbol, the emotional sphere of our ego. The man is seen in relation to his unconscious , which manifest itself in close symbiosis with the natural dimension in which it is conceived. These subjects are nothing but a personal scenic contribution to an imagined vision, clear and yet  instilled with the hope of the child within us. It can be said that every sculpture and environment instillation work is a fragment of the life I leave behind..”

Elena comes to Andres Institute of Art from her residency at the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center in Rutland, Vermont.