Hassan Kamel – Egypt

Hassan Kamel Was born in 1967 in Cairo the capital city of Egypt, his study in University of Art Education gives him the chance to try out a various approaches of handling different fields of art, as well thinking in multiple ways to solve art problems by other hand view. Hassan worked with different materials which gave him more opportunities to express different ideas and feeling, he likes the natural materials such as: stone, bronze, wood and clay composite. He admired closely with bronze, so he established a personal foundry to experiment the bronze production by himself. His first  inspiration was Ancient Egyptian Sculpture, they are compositions, artistic ideas and elements treatment, add for the relationship among the materials with a different characters. Teaching is one of his ways to discover talented students for his happiness to find a new experienced generations. Researches are the window to meditate through other views of specialized professors in his field and also writers and critics whom interested in art, so it is one of the important aspects in his art life. – Graduated from faculty of Art Education – Helwan University 1991,The first with excellent degree. – Master degree in art education ,under title : The plastic and expressive  values of drapery in sculpture patterns. – PH.D in art education philosophy (sculpture specialization) ,under title : The benefit of the artistic values of the ancient Egyptian sculpture in patterns of local and international sculpture. – Assistant Professor of sculpture in faculty of Art Education – Helwan university since 2004. – Member of syndicate of plastic national committee, international association of art (UNESCO) Please visit his web site at http://www.hassankamel.com
ARTIST STATEMENT: Title: The New Mankind with the Magic Crown” The sculpture work would be a new figure among us, I am curious to imagine the new mankind in architectural construction, crowned with the magic crown which gives him the extra power to reach all peoples and spread the flavor of peace and best wishes for all of them.
Artist Statement in Arabic