Jocelyn Pratt – New Zealand


2013  Symposia Whakatane Taranaki andesite marble.

Public works “Sweet lemon” Maratoto andesite Paeroa

Exhibition Inspirit,  Waitakaruru Sculpture park

2012  Symposia Te Kupenga  New Plymouth Taranaki andesite.  Whangarei Paradise limestone . Uxbridge  Auckland South Auckland basalt.

Tauranga garden Art fest Maratoto andesite.  Eggcentric café Wanaka Gneiss Coroglen basalt

Public works “Nurturing Nature” Jingpo China

Exhibition Inspirit,   Waitakaruru Sculpture park

2011  Symposia  Softas stone Wellington Oamaru limestone. Ninh Thuan International sculpture symposium  Granite

Public works    “connections” Paeroa NZ  “Anchorstone Vietnam “Nurture” Vietnam “Waikato – flowing waters ”Waikato University

Exhibition E-Scape Waitakaruru sculpture park, Sculpture in the country Carterton

2010  Symposia  Te Kupenga New Plymouth Taranaki andesite. Whangrei PuhiPuhi basalt.  Low flying cars   Albany Taranaki andesite.  Caransebes Romania Ruschita marble

Public works    “Unity”  Caransebes Romania.  “aroha” Caransebes Romania

Exhibition E-Scape Waitakaruru sculpture park Endangered Inspirit Gallery

2009  Symposia Eggsentric Corromandel Maratoto andesite.  Rencontres Sculptural  Netherlands Belgium black marble Rouge royal.  Raglan Karioi andesite.  Matamata Hinuera ignimbrite.

Artist in residence  Waitakaruru sculpture park, Katikati basalt

Public works    “Anchor stone” Paeroa

Exhibition E-Scape Waitakaruru sculpture park

Jocelyn Pratt
Stone Sculptor
Putaruru, New Zealand



See(d) within

Looking deeper than the surface to find a new reality or idea.
The form is inspired by hickory nuts found in the park, the green nut sliced open revealing  the pattern inside.
Investigating  beneath an exteria may be more interesting and complex  in life and within people.