Lybov Muravyeva – Ukraine

ARTIST BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION:Moscow Art and Design School (Stroganovskoe), 1961-1967, master degree in Fine Arts. Major in monumental decorative art. Qualification: artist / monumental decorative art /, sculptor.
member of The Professional Artists’ Guild since 1983.
Our feelings, (our soul),  are realities of energy. Unseen they exist in the world. The “Stone as a Soul” is positioned so that it seems to be flying over the distant hills. Above the Earth.  I have placed the strong lines in this work to simulate the slow rhythmic movement of time. It is my wish that the viewer sees, feels the work as a Soul of the World, existing in space and surviving in time to express compassion for the world. Hopefully, the participating viewer will share this compassion with the Earth as well.