Susan Abraham – New York, USA



  • 2010 International Stone Sculpture Symposium in granite, Andres Art Institute, New Hampshire, September-October 2010.
  • 2008 5th International Stone Sculpture Symposium – Balatonfured, Hungary. Croatian limestone, 1m x 80cm x 60cm.
  • 2007 SIEMM – International Stone Sculpture Symposium in Monterrey Marble – Nueva Leon, Mexico. Black Monterrey

marble, 1m x 2m x 1m. Sculpture exhibited in Museum of Contemporary Art, Monterrey, Mexico. EDUCATION:

  • 1976-78 Post Graduate Special Student – Sculpture. Columbia University, NYC.
  • 1975 BFA cum laude – Program in the Arts-Sculpture. Barnard College, Columbia University, NYC.


  • 2008 Museum of Contemporary Art (MARCO), Monterrey, Mexico. Outdoor exhibition of SIEMM International Stone
  • Sculpture Symposium, February – May, 2008.


  • Balatonfured, Hungary
  • Stanford University, Buddhist Center – Palo Alto, CA
  • Sculpture Meadow on the Hudson – Yonkers, NY
  • Hotelkristina Conference Center – Sigtuna, Sweden
  • Bank of Hiroshima – Wall Street, NY
  • American Standards Executive Board Room – NYC
  • Sekido Kiko Manufacturing Company – Nagoya, Japan
  • Gravesite Sculptures – Central Cemetery, Patchogue, LI
  • West 54th Street Corp Lobby – NYC
  • Buitoni Company – NJ
  • Dugan Advertising Agency – PA
  • Schacter & Schacter, Esqs., – MI
  • Psychotherapy Center and Cosmetic Surgery – Roxbury, MA
  • Morrison & Morrison, Esqs. – NYC

PRIVATE Hungary, Japan, Italy, Sweden, New York City, New York State, Long Island, Westchester, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Michigan, Connecticut, California, and Canada. PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS:

  • Organization of Independent Artists
  • The Poverty Awareness Coalition
  • Stone Sculpture Society of New York (one of the founding members, 1976-1986)


The concept and ability to change is proceeded by a state of vulnerability –“Nearly Naked” – Be it an insect emerging from a cocoon, a newborn from the womb, the release and renewal of a life recovered from despair or addiction, and the emotional nakedness to fall in love all are places for change. “Nearly Naked is a metaphor for the state enabling us to change and realize potential. The sculpture is comprised of 2 simple and sensual complementary forms surrounded in the center by folds of stone from which one form enters and emerges affirmatively up and out the other side. It is comfortable in and open to the surrounding forest on the mountain and hopefully will entice people to explore the simple, sensual rounded forms and carved folds. This beautiful environment, constantly in states of change is the perfect place for a nearly naked sculpture.