Yin Peet – Massachusetts, USA / Taiwan


Sculptor, born in Taiwan. My work addresses social norms and perspectives between the East and the West. I create sculpture objects that express my philosophical resolution in my personal life, and at the same time, pursue the manifestation of its permanency. Coming from the Buddhist philosophy background in which the Universe/World was created and is still in its own creating process from “Yuen” (meeting of elements, chance, karma) parallel to my permanent sculpture, I perform the choreographed process of making the object, which I name “Perform the Making of Sculpture”. My media are mostly granite and steel. However, my installation/performance stretches beyond the boundaries of the conventional sculptural materials into media that include time, sound, movement and the recitation of text. The concept embodies my strong belief that in the realm of Visual Art certain sense of Permanency nestles in the creative process itself; and correspondingly, when that process is witnessed by the viewer, the “Time” dimension becomes Visual as well. My work has been shown in many areas in the United States and overseas, Taiwan, England, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Poland, Hong Kong, Nepal, many of which were granted with awards. I have an MFA in sculpture from the Massachusetts College of Art, and am currently an adjunct faculty member at the College of the Holy Cross.

You can visit Yin Peets website at http://www.quarryfestivals.org/