Andres Institute of Art 2018 Symposium



20th Symposium Begins

While we may be reluctant to say good -bye to summer, autumn reaches into the soul of every New Englander… we cherish the last harvest from our gardens… the last swim in the lake…the still warm rays of the sun… the early signs of fall catch our attention and prompts us into action. Like the busy squirrels stocking up nuts for the winter, we, too, have our fall rituals.

As we glory in nature’s splendor—the forests with their coats of many colors, the growing pumpkins and gourds, the first leaves ablaze with autumn colors, we also begin to anticipate the winter that is sure to follow. It is in this moment that we once again are reminded of the almost magical turn of the seasons – and delight in it. We live in a place that gifts us year- round with natural beauty… and we make the very most of all four seasons!

For those of us at Andres Institute of Art, autumn is an especially enchanting season. Amidst the glory of the fall colors we also are given the honor of hosting international sculptors for three weeks each year.

Volunteers from our local community step forward to provide housing, three meals a day, transportation, and endless conversations as the artists work their magic. They select NH granite from  our property and use their imaginations, their years of experience, and hard physical work to create one-of-a-kind monumental size sculptures. These sculptures are permanent gifts to our community. Andres Institute of Art is free and open to the public from sun up to sun down all year round. The sculptures are placed along the trails of our 140 acres of what once was a popular ski hill.

For these three weeks, the artists, the volunteers, the granite, and the woodland trails become an amazing testament to the power of creation.  The AIA International Sculpture Symposium honors the ability of art to build bridges and forge connections across all cultures.

We give thanks to all involved- whether artist, volunteer, host family, or appreciative hiker.

Please feel free to observe the artists at work for the next three weeks and to join us for the official unveiling of their sculptures Saturday, Oct. 6 at 2 pm.