Land of Imagination



Land of Imagination…

That surely describes the Andres Institute of Art!

Many visitors over the years have described our sculpture park as a magical, mysterious place. Hikers never know what critters, trees, flowers and one-of-a-kind sculptures await them along the wooded trails on our 140 acres. Each year our acclaimed sculptors from all over the world create one-of-a-kind monumental- size sculptures. Some of them are of a classic style (I’m thinking of “The Horse”) while others leave us wondering what their abstract forms really meant to the artist. Some of them make hikers smile (“Still Loading” or “Community and Diversity”) while others call us to be still and to gaze reverently as we take in its beauty (“Souls of Peace”).

No two are alike. 

Where do these images come from? How do the artists conceive of these forms?

One element they all have in common: they were conceived in the rich imagination of our artists. Fleeting shapes…odd angles… distant memories… futuristic dreams…  The artists seem to take their inspiration from everyday life… common objects… And yet these images move through their hearts and minds and emerge as mysterious beauty.

More than one artist has shared that they were inspired by our wooded trails… that our woodlands and vistas and rolling hills- and even the other sculptures… all sources of inspiration.




All these elements come together in the artists’ hearts and minds… all of their sculptures arise from their hearts and minds…from their imaginative responses to our land and all that we have gathered in our sculpture park.

Even our friends who do not claim the title of ‘artist’ find that hiking in our park calms their racing minds…soothes their hearts…inspires their soul… and opens up their sense of creative imaginings.

Some might agree…ours is a land of imagination indeed.