Iron Melt Workshop


            Iron Melt Workshop 

      Andres Institute of Art Studio

98 Rt. 13, Brookline, New Hampshire


Saturday, October 21, 2017 – 1:00 PM

The fee for this event is $35.00/ $25 for AIA members

        All materials will be supplied by the Institute,

  so you need only bring your interest and imagination!

At this workshop, we will be setting up a copula furnace to melt cast iron, which will then be poured into each participant’s sand mold to produce a beautiful cast iron sculpture.

Participants will scratch into the mold (cured sand) to create an individual image which they wish to have cast in iron. The flat scratch molds will be about six inches square

Everyone will then observe the molten iron being poured into the carved molds.

Each participant will be handed their mold to take home at the conclusion of the event.

This event is open to everyone. Children must be under close supervision of a parent or responsible adult.

The fee for this event is $35.00.

 In order to prepare space and reserve your mold and material, we appreciate your sending your fee in advance.

You may pay online at:, or send your check to Andres Institute of Art, P.O. Box 226, Brookline, NH 03033.

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