Photo-Thon, September 29

#81 Still Loading (again, again, again) – Klaus F. Hunsicker – Germany

Still Loading… (again and again and again…) is one of the sculptures at Andres Institute of Art that makes people smile!

First, they are often puzzled…then they think about it for a few moments… and then laughter often ensues.  Who hasn’t waited impatiently for what seemed like hours as their computer came to life?

Leave it to one of our youngest artists to use ancient granite to express such a common frustration in modern life!

Another modern invention which we hope will reduce some of our frustration here at AIA is the high resolution of most camera phones. With sculptures in our park that are up to 20 years old, spread across 140 acres of woodland trails, it has been challenging to capture high resolution photographs of them all. But today so very many of our Park visitors routinely bring their cell phones when they hike our trails…

And we have a favor to ask of you…

This year we are holding a “Photo-thon!”

We invite you to visit our free sculpture park and to take photos of your favorite sculptures…and them share them with us via DropBox on our website:

We are designating Saturday, Sept. 29 as the AIA “Photo-thon!”

We hope to see many of you at the Park taking camera shots of any or all of the sculptures you encounter… and then kindly sharing them with us via a DropBox to be found on our website.

Thank you for supporting Andres Institute of Art in this creative way! We use the photos to promote this free community resource for hiking and touching art and experiencing the work of master artists from all over the world!

Take Photographs of AIA Sculpture

Go to the   www.

Website and deposit your photos in our new Dropbox:

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* By uploading photos, the photographer gives the Andres Institute of Art permission to use their uploaded photographs without restrictions