Symposium Update – 2016

We’re all loaded up and ready to¬†Go!!

The adventures in “Perspective” got off to a great start this week at our annual Bridges and Connections Symposium.

All of the artists have their materials (Whew!), appear happy and are hard at work.

AIA support staff, David Tiller & Jim Larson have the first stone in the bucket - barelyParticipant, Carole Turner is happy to be building her templates for her work in welded steelParticipant, Erik Wernnerstrand is exploring his way around his granite boulderParticipant, Dominika Griesgraber is hard at work locating the first half of her large granite sculptureDavid Tiller took this amazing shot just inside the large front doors of the studio

The weather has been stellar, so stop by and meet the artists.