The Excitement Is In The Air!

All  of the volunteers at the Andres Institute of Art in Brookline, NH have been working towards Saturday, Sept. 16th for the last year!

Andres Institute of Art Visitor and Educational Center

3 PM Saturday  Sept. 16, 2017 is the Opening of our 19th Annual International Sculpture Symposium!

And you are invited!

Every fall, AIA invites world-class sculptors to join us for a three-week sculpture symposium. This year, we have three artists: Elena Saracino from Italy; Tony Jimenez from Costa Rica; and Isabel Kelley from the state of Maine here in the U.S.

The artists live with local families sharing breakfast each morning and visit again at the end of each day. After a long day of creating their sculptures, they return for a brief chat and a good night’s sleep. Local residents also voluntarily provide lunch and dinner meals for all three weeks that the artists are working at the Andres Artist Studio, located on the top of an old ski hill.

On Saturday, Sept. 16 at 3 pm we will have our Symposium Opening and the public is invited to join us in welcoming our 3 artists. Each artist will be introduced to the public, photos of their past work will be available, and a high-spirited welcome party will ensue.

There will be opportunities to view some of the artists past work; the artists will freely mingle with the public; key volunteers and the AIA Board of Directors will be ready to answer any questions or suggestions shared by the public. On our new large screen display we will view images of some of the more than 85 sculptures already placed in our sculpture park.

Come join the fun!!