Volunteer Opportunities

Andres Institute of Art thanks all of its fabulous volunteers!  

Your efforts nurture both art and nature,  strengthening community bonds locally and worldwide.


Art Champion

Become the leader of a small interest group

devoted to your favorite arts and crafts activity!

Artist Patron

Sponsor the cost of one of the artists for this year’s fall symposium ($2500)

Trail Guide

Volunteer to lead small groups of visitors on their hike though the sculpture park.

Administrative Support 

Support the ongoing administrative work of the organization

Trail Maintenance

Offer to hike the trails and to report or correct any problems, obstacles, or repair needs.

Sculpture Adopter

Provide regular maintenance for a sculpture of your choice for one season.  Pull weeds, trim nearby tree branches, brush off the sculpture, report any damage or special site needs.

 See more opportunities posted on the NH Gives site


Those interested in volunteering can email   andresvolunteers@andresinstitute.org

Volunteer Opportunities for September’s Symposium: It takes a village to bring 4 sculptures into the world, and its never too early to begin rounding up folks that are ready to pitch in! Your help at this time could not be appreciated more!

  • Sculpture Site Prep  
  • Welding, stone grinding, heavy equipment operating  
  • Food for Artists  
  • Hosts for Artists  
  • Transportation

Contact:  president@andresinstitute.org

Message from a Volunteer

For the second year in a row, Andres Institute hosted a group of Daniel Webster College students. For them, it was an opportunity to help out around the Sculpture Park and learn first-hand about the role of public art in community development. For me, it was an occasion to ruminate on why I feel so good about the work I do for this hill in Brookline, NH.  When it was my turn to speak to the students, I found myself saying, “Really, this is my mountain…”

I mean, it feels like my mountain.  As I put my time and my care into a trail or a sculpture site, I can’t help but think about the people who will come this way, and see this place just as I left it… a bridge between the art from the artists and the natural environment they placed it in.  As I work, sculpture sites and trails become inspirations for others to explore.  I love knowing that what I do becomes part of the experience shared by people from the community.  A community that includes not only Brookline, or even New England, but the whole world.  No matter how many changes my physical address may endure, there is a part of Big Bear that will always be mine, and through it, I feel like I’m part of what is making this world a better place.

For ten years and counting I’ve been a part of the effort that has turned a bunch of abandoned ski trails into a natural format for accessing art, free of charge.  It’s been a consistently rewarding experience that’s best when shared.At the end of our day with our college students, one who ran the leaf blower on an entire trail loop exclaimed that he knew just what I meant.  He felt like that trail was his trail, and he was glad to have had a chance to care about it.

All are invited to come hike our trails and view our art.  If you would like to be a valued part of our volunteer effort,  click on the “Volunteer Opportunities” link.  Or, give our studio a call at 603-673-8441 and leave a message.

Give yourself a reason to visit our Sculpture Park in all seasons- be a part of what strengthens the Positive Andres presence in this world.

Thoughts from another long time volunteer…

I grew up in a family that loves to walk and explore the naturally occurring world all around us.  I remember marveling over an unused birds’ nest with my dad and hunting for wildflowers with my mom.  Soon I was walking the woods on my own, dragging home otherworldly rocks from a seasonal stream bed, and learning the topography of the state by traipsing all over it.

Now I’m the mom out walking with my kids.  Here on Big Bear mountain we’ve found turkey egg shells,  the best blueberries anywhere, and every year, right around the blossoming of the Mountain Laurel, dozens and dozens of Red Efts.  “Newt Friends” my son and I affectionately call them!

Most of these things need to stay right where they occur for several reasons.  They are an important piece of habitat and their beauty should be left for the next hiker to discover.

However, there are plenty of objects off the beaten path that can be salvaged and carefully brought to this park where they will be on display with our man-made beauty.  I invite all who read this to bring a found natural treasure to the Andres Trail Head.  The next time you tour our sculptures you may find your donation once again! I Thank You for your participation!

Anna Szok