AIA and Bingo!

Some may be scratching their heads wondering why a blog about an outdoor sculpture park in NH wants you to know more about the game of chance called Bingo!

Stick with me and I can explain…

Andres Institute of Art is a nonprofit organization (501 c 3). The Mission of the Institute is serve and advance the intellectual and social well- being of the public by educating and training

artists, by promoting the integration of art and technology, and by supporting fine arts.”

Bingo is a game of chance in which each player matches numbers pre-printed in different arrangements on 5×5 cards with the numbers the game host draws at random, marking the selected numbers with tiles, according to Wikipedia. In the U.S., by the mid-1930s, bingo games were popping up all over the country, in part because churches and social clubs quickly realized the fund-raising potential. Today, 48 states (and more than 100 Native American reservations) offer legal bingo on some scale. Games range from small enough to fit in a church basement to big enough to pack a 1,800-seat hall.

Bingo Encourages interaction with others

Bingo players come from all walks of life. There is no stereotypical bingo player. Most like to socialize, which is why they go to bingo, and they may also enjoy other competitive group activities, such as bowling, that combine fun and friends. Often multiple generations in one family join in playing Bingo, with the youngest and the oldest having an equal chance of winning.

Keeps your mind healthy

Research from the University of Southampton found that bingo is an effective way to slow and counter age-related decline in our thinking capacity. Experts believe the game has a positive impact on mental speed, the ability to scan information and memory – as well as being an awful lot of fun, a great way to meet new people and even win a bit of cash here and there.

Bingo is for all ages!

It is a popular game played for personal enjoyment, recreational therapy and socialization in skilled nursing facilities and retirement homes, youth camps, and after-school programs.

Bingo supports the Andres Institute of Art!

Thanks to Deb and Wayne Lefevre, their small crew of volunteers and loyal attendees, Sunday afternoons and Thursday evenings generate the majority of the funds needed to sustain the Andres Institute of Art , our annual International Sculpture Symposium, and our growing list of art workshops.

Consider Helping Our Cause!

If -like me- you feel that what goes on at AIA is unique and enriches our New England communities, please reflect on the ways in which you can help. Come play a game of Bingo on Thursdays and Sundays; jump in with both feet and offer to be a volunteer with Bingo; spread the word to neighbors and friends; have fun and do a good deed for our NH region at the same time!

Bingo Games: Thursday at 6:45 pm and on Sunday at 1 pm

Location: 106 Route 13 (Big Bear Lodge)
Brookline, NH 3033

(603) 672-7675