AIA Symposium Closing 2018 Blog

Once again, as the leaves are falling and cooler winds bear down upon us, we close our annual
sculpture symposium at Andres Institute of Art.. .It is such a bittersweet time for us at AIA. We
rejoice as each sculpture is completed…we delight in our symposium closing party… and then
we say good-by to our newest sculptor friends.
After three weeks of breaking bread together, hiking the mountain, puzzling over their selected
stones, assisting them in bringing their visions literally stone -cold reality… their departures back
to their respective homes around the world leaves a loud silence at the Artists Studio… a
sudden hush after the last grinders stop and the backhoe is turned off.
The artists leave a part of themselves with us though… each time we lead a tour and share
stories about a sculpture, we remember it’s creator. We remember in whose home the artists
stayed, the jokes we shared, the meals we ate together, the stories they told us about their
family and friends around the world… We remember the funny inside jokes and the sense of
family that arises when we engage in a common cause. We remember their intense
concentration as they transformed hard New Hampshire granite into works of intriguing
beauty… and we give thanks!
Heartfelt gratitude to all who engaged- as artist, volunteer, celebrant or hikers stumbling
upon the scene… we call it all good!