Andres Sculpture Park – Forest of “Huh?”

If you have ever hiked at Andres Institute of Art, you will immediately relate to this description of us by

Hiking our trails feels a bit like walking through an enchanted forest filled with odd creatures that mystify and enchant and make you think.

With names like Debate, Create Yourself, Dream Catcher, and Bones of the Earth, a first-time visitor is given an opportunity to view sculpture, ponder its meaning, and come to your own conclusions about the sculptors’ intention. Like all enchanted forests, there are mysteries and oddities and even a few pieces that simply make you wonder what in the world the artist was thinking. First-timers often have a quizzical look on their face as they move from piece to piece, reading the signs, cocking their heads, squinting with one eye, running their hands over the granite stone or welded metal of each sculpture.

We like that! We hope art opens all of our minds, helps us to see through another person’s eyes, and guides us to a place of acceptance- if not appreciation- of the uncommon. So if you are hiking our wooded trails and find yourself scratching your head muttering, “Huh??” you are on the right track! Or should I say- right trail!?