At Andres Institute of Art, one of the biggest days of the year is fast approaching: Unveiling Day!

Each year, our dedicated sculptors from all over the world work tirelessly for three weeks toward this day. Most of the artists have never visited our outdoor sculpture park before they accept our invitation to join us. While our Artistic Director John Weidman officially suggests an annual theme (Today, Tomorrow is this year’s theme) each sculptor is given great license to choose their subject and their medium. In this way, artists experience a high degree of creative freedom and create diverse , one-of-a-kind sculptures. The Andres Board and volunteers are keenly aware of the magnitude of their gift to us.  Each artist truly seems to leave a bit of their soul with us… and we are powerfully moved each year.

During our annual Unveiling Ceremony, each artist will speak about their piece and will reveal the title of their sculpture. Each sculpture will be covered up until the artist has finished speaking. We will ceremonially unveil the new sculptures and then dedicate each piece with water from our own quarry. Everyone is encouraged to approach each sculpture, to touch it, photograph it, and to congratulate  the artist.

Once we have ceremonially accepted each work of art, the AIA Board invites all gathered to join us in a celebration at the new Andres Institute Visitor and Education Center (aka Big Bear Lodge- adjacent to the sculpture park). Everyone will have an opportunity to talk with our 3 artists, thank them for their dedication and artistic execution, share some good food, and have a good time! The Board will also take the opportunity to thank the many community members who help make it all happen- not the least of which would be our Host families who have opened their homes and hearts to our visiting artists…and of course the many, many folks who helped to provide delicious hot food for artists and working volunteers for all three weeks! It truly takes a village… and AIA wants you to know how deeply grateful we are for your continued support.

 Saturday, October 7, 3 pm at the AIA Sculpture Park parking lot.