The idea has caught hold – musical arts supporting sculptural arts! A monthly concert series has been established with the proceeds benefitting the AIA. The concerts will feature a variety of genres with the representative acts being vetted so that whether the concert is your favorite type of music or new to you, it will be of high caliber. The March concert was jazz, April 16th features the Windham Swing Band, an 18-member big band with vocalist. There will be room for dancing for this one! Please remember we have barnboard floors so high-heels are discouraged so no one trips. Get your tickets at the Live Music Series ticket page. Next month will be a local group, kNowhere Kids, with a blues/rock flair. Going forward, this particular theme will continue monthly on a different weekend. Mark your calendars for May 21st. Also, mark your calendars for June 25th for an exciting musical event!