20th Annual International Symposium

20th Annual International Sculpture Symposium

September 15 – October 6

98 Route 13, Brookline, NH

Meet the 3 sculptors:


Batu Siharulidze

Republic of Georgia

Oscar Aguirre




Cheryl Anne Lorance,

USA Indiana

“This all happened so fast…still pinching myself.
Feeling overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement.”

Opening Ceremony, Sept. 15, 106 Rt. 13, Brookline. 2-6 PM.

Observe them creating at the Studio 8am – 5pm.

Closing Ceremony Oct. 6, starting at the Sculpture Park, at 2 PM, 98 Rt. 13,

and ending with a farewell reception at Big Bear Lodge, 106 Rt. 13.