#84 Tree and the Vault of Heaven

#84 Tree and the Vault of Heaven – Erik Wernnerstrand – Sweden

Title: Tree and the Vault of Heaven

Artist: Erik Wernnerstrand

Symposium: “Perspective” September 2016

Media: Granite Boulder


Map Location: #84

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Träd och himlavalv

Tree and vault of heaven

A sculpture in which the tree, heaven, human beings and the root participate.

The root is also an eye. The eye is the creative force in this sculpture.

The eye is also the root of the tree. The root extends in the shape of an arc which encloses the heaven above -the light-

The human beings can be seen as guardians of the light.

The tree is the creation of the eye; it´s perspective.

The tree can be seen as the beauty of the world which equals humanity i man.

When I worked with the sculpture a thought came to mind that another word for that which the tree represents is community. This something, this quality, that we share and carry together.

Erik Wennerstrand