Andres Institute of Art wins 2022 Artsbuild Award



The creative partnership between Paul Andres and sculptor John Weidman, and the resulting AIA Sculpture Park, recognized by the NHBCA.

An artistic Field of Dreams…

The Andres Institute of Art was awarded the Northeast Delta Dental Artsbuild Community Award at the 38th Annual NH Business Community for the Arts Awards Gala in May.

The Award was presented by Delta Dental President and CEO Tom Raffio. In presenting the award, Raffio said the Andres Institute was being recognized “For establishing and growing an artistic version of a “Field of Dreams” by adding sculptures to a mountain where people reconnect with nature, and artists from around the world flourish through the integration of art and technology.”

The handblown glass bowl awarded to the AIA is on display in the Welcome Center and was crafted by New Hampshire artist Nathan Macomber.

This video is the AIA submission to the event.

Sculpture Park Entrance &

Visitor Center

106 Route 13, Brookline, NH 03033

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(603) 673-7441  (8am-5pm)

Andres Institute of Art, PO Box 226, Brookline, NH 03033-0226


Gail Bloom, AIA President