Dominika Greisgraber – Poland






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I orientated my practice for the last fifteen years towards the issues of identity and its visual representation. This is a culmination of all the experiences and reflections accumulated during my voyages where the interaction with diverse cultures has enabled me to expand the focus of my artistic practice providing me with a renewed sense of belonging and identity, more nomadic, mobile and total.

In exploring these concepts, the notions of identity and belonging, there is involved a dynamic interaction between human, nature and the territory upon which they meet. In order to flesh out such interaction I use signs, symbols and indices that define the visual specificity of a place or condition, constructing multidisciplinary images, specific projects that permit a recurring and renewed reporting on the notion of identity. To further achieve this I work with various mediums like sculpture, object installations and drawings. Moreover I content that since each concept requires an individual and unique approach moving freely among the various media as well as contextualizing diverse and novel materials with respect to the concepts and ideas under exploration allows me to perform an enhanced and more comprehensive commentary.


Dominika graduated from the Sculpture Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland and later followed a postgraduate course at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain in association with the Juan Miro Foundation where she earned a postgraduate diploma in Aesthetics and Theory of Contemporary Art. Associated with the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland she continued her exploration within sculpture, instllation and drawing and has received a PhD in sculpture in 2009. She has experience as a professional sculptor and as an academic tutor. Today she lives and works in the South of France and in Warsaw.

Her works are mostly conceptually based on sculpture. Her explorative travels, mostly for artist residencies and international projects of sculpture, in close to Poland or in the remote countries have had an important effect on her life and artistic practice. Human sciences and architecture also have a strong influence on her different mixed media works, sculptures and drawings.

Her work is essentially presented in individual and collective exhibitions, and as permanent realizations in Europe, Asia, Middle East and America. Some highlights of her realizations include: Laureate of the XIIIth International Sculpture Biennale in Poznan in 2002, Recipient of the grant of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in Poland in 2005, Solo exhibition “In Transitus” Manggha Museum of Krakow in 2009,NordArt exhibition, Kunstwerk Carlsuhtte, Budelsdorf, Germany in 2010, Public commission, Convergence, Marseille Provence 2013.