Hoa Bich Dao – Viet Nam


Was born in Hanoi, Vietnam in 1958.
• Master of fine arts
• 1980 – 1985 Graduated from the Sophia Arts Academy ( Bulgaria)
• 1986 – 1987 Post – graduate stady at the same Academy
• 2003 – 2005 Master of Sculpture, Halle University of Arts and  Design, Germany
• Since 1991 Lecturer, Deputy Dean of Sculpture department of Vietnam Fine Arts University.
• Member of Hanoi Fine Arts Association
• Member of Vietnam Fine Arts Association



Alignment is in the existence of human life and things that are always closely linked as in a circle, in accordance with the laws
of nature.

My use of images of men and women is to express the Yin and Yang, the convex and concave: are present here.

The moon is to represent Heaven and Earth, being a body in between as a link.