Jon Barlow Hudson – Ohio, USA


Jon Barlow Hudson received both his Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts degrees from the California Institute of the Arts. He hasJon Barlow Hudson
worked around the world in various mediums. Please visit his web site at



Some time ago I visited the beautiful stone amphitheatre and museum among the Etruscan ruins at Fiesole, overlooking Florance, Italy.  Within the museum I came across a very small bronze votive figurine, around 12 cm./5 “  high.  It is without head and arms yet is one of the most timeless sculptures I have ever seen.  It is figurative yet abstract, historic, yet it could be of a young lass walking a
fashion runway today.  An amazing little sculpture!  So much so that I was inspired to work with the various characteristics that hiking up to their hill-top communities I suppose.

As I have studied other figurative sculptures from around the world I have seen aspects of this little figurine in many different places, from different time periods and cultures.  It must be the universal feminine form, of both person and sculpture: thus the inspiration for my sculpture here at the Andres Institute on Big Bear Mt., which is referenced in the title: MOTHER BEAR.

After having seen the sculptures installed throughout the park  here on the mountainside, we then went to see the available stone and when I noticed this block of Jet Mist  off on a pile in the distance, I knew immediately what was hiding inside that I could reveal in the allotted three weeks time of the symposium.  This hillside brought to mind the ancient Etruscan environment and the site that was available is perfect for such a personage to stand in contemplation of the valley and community below. This sculpture is a celebration of the eternal feminine.

In the case of this sculpture, I have only polished certain areas, leaving the working process visible in others.  One could have polished the whole thing, but there is simply not enough time and in any case, I prefer to have various contrasting textures in my sculptures.