Solomon Isekeije – Nigeria / USA


When I thought about the title of the symposium “We Are Here” instantly I thought about the ground where I was standing as my present position here on earth and in the universe, and when I move, travel or decide to settle somewhere else how that place will become my home or “Where I will be”.  It was the landscape at the 150 acre sculpture garden in Brookline which was to become my home and invariable Where we Where that was very stimulating to my artistic instincts.

I thought about the various people who have lived on that site and the various creatures which made an abode of this mountain years before man took it over, the early settlers, the legends  of the Indians and their caves, the bears which were hunted on this mountain and even Molly Pitcher the civil war hero, and I asked myself what will they want to say or what are they now. I thought they might want to say “WE ARE HERE”. So I decided to raise a shrine to the legions of spirits who have dwelled on this mountain over time. I called it WINDOWS INTO LITTLE BEAR MOUNTAIN.

It is a shrine raised to the legions of spirits who have dwelled on this mountain over time.  The viewer is invited to sit on the stone stool facing the panels. For at least 60 seconds listen to the mountain and contemplate your problems. When it is time to go, leave your problems there or better still write them out and lay a stone on them by the window. It will be well with you.