Wilma Mariano-Shay – Dine’ Nation (Navajo) New Mexico, U.S.A.

Heart of the Anazasi (Ancient One)
In Beauty Above Us In Beauty Below Us In Beauty In Front Of Us In Beauty Behind Us In Beauty All Around Us WE ARE
For Anna:
In Beauty Above Us (the mighty beings: God, Universe, Sun and Moon) In Beauty Below Us (Earth and all her creations) In Beauty In Front Of Us (the Future and what it holds) In Beauty Behind Us (the past and may we learn from it) In Beauty All Around Us (Everything) WE ARE! (We are all connected)
A sacred place of gratitude among the be-ings to share and embrace. In creating this piece. I decided to use all elements essential to life. The SUN is the key to our survival. With the sunrays coming through the Anazasi doorway, the key which is made of  EARTH (also represented by the bowl) will connect Sun and Earth. The bowl collects rain WATER that flows into a pool surrounded by the AIR will flow as the wind sings through the opening and send the prayer as you whisper it into the universe. (one song). There are images of the mighty beings: the SUN, MOON, and EARTH< because without the other, we cannot be, I look up and see a
circle of flight, like eagles who feed in the east field back home. I cannot believe they are eagles, give thanks. The eagle will represent all WINGED-PEOPLE. This is BEAR MOUNTAIN. It is right for the bear to represent all FOUR-LEGGED PEOPLE. I found this site and soon dragonflies come and play with me. They will represent all INSECT PEOPLE. I visited a quarry and there, in the water, stares back the biggest bull frog I have ever seen. He will represent the WATER PEOPLE. There is an exploding star which must travel, ad my uncle (Grandfather George) must represent the man image as a tribute. We all need each other for….
 WE ARE HERE. A-ha-haa (Thank you)