“General Vision”

Adopters of Sculptures maintain a balance of the three essential ingredients that make Andres Institute a unique public resource: Art, Nature, and Man.

Art is the sculpture, of course, but it is also the artist’s vision for the sculpture. This vision must be worked into Nature -the environment in which the sculpture is placed. Man must be able to access the site, to explore the relationship between art and nature.

With this in mind, adopters are asked to care not only for their sculptures, but the area around the sculpture as well. Three dimensional art should be approachable from as many angles as possible. The trail that passes the site is important, find the points where your sculpture is first visible, enhance the view by removing branches and brush. Catching a glimpse of a sculpture from a distance invites the visitor to continue down the trail to check out what comes next.

Nature should enhance the site without curtailing access. Adopters need to clip and clear without making the site look overly contrived. Take a look around the area of your sculpture. Perhaps there are a few natural points of interest, a rock with crystals or a lichenin-covered log or stump. Create an invitation to explore by clearing the way to this spot. It does not need to be a trail, just an option for the curious. Maybe you will find a new view of your sculpture that others might appreciate as well.

Caring for a sculpture means inspecting it regularly. Structural issues and other problems should be reported to the Sites and Trails Committee.