#86 Transition – Dominika Griesgraber – Poland

Title: Transition

Artist: Dominika Griesgraber

Symposium: “Perspective” September 2016

Media: Granite Boulder


Map Location: #84

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“Transition” reflects the convergence between past and future and between continuum and impermanence. Engaged with the environment, these granite stones combined with trees – together suggest life cycles intertwined between the human and nature. It is a tribute to the life in a community, its memory, struggle, persistent interaction with nature and its territory built on the specificity of the place and continuity.  My approach is to perceive the transposition of the memory of the original things that have evolved towards a form of memorial reference beginning from where we can continue, evolve and advance.

Born of the earth and juxtaposed, the two elements of the sculpture are meant to invite the viewer to explore their relation and content from various perspectives.  The rough surfaces of the exterior sides is the effect of their quarrying, activated by the natural interplay of light and shadow, suggest the play of efforts. The interior sides that are hand shaped refer to architectural forms carrying cultural meanings while the dual mirror like positioning invites awareness and reflection about our cultural resources.