Vaclav Fiala – Czech Republic


 Possibly lost wheels of the last Wells Fargo Possibly a found piece of the vehicle Possibly a memory of films seen many years ago Possibly a touch of “Far West” Possibly materialized memory Possibly a torso of something Possibly a branch at Bear Mountain
Possibly a watch tower In a stone circle seen the tower of Prague Child for the first time Possibly a chance An empty factory for Wells Fargo behind the horizon of mountains
The tear of a child’s dreams for the Wells Fargo that was leaving The tear for the title that was vanishing in the dust of running horses on the cinema screen The tear for a name that I didn’t understand and that was as romantic as a sound of the name of America and that was left behind in my memory until it came to me at Bear Mountain
“Wells Fargo Co”

ARTIST BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Born in Klatovy in 1955, Vaclav has become a well-known sculptor in his native Czech Republic.  He has exhibited throughout Eastern Europe and created work for the Socrates Sculpture Park in New York and the Andres Institute of Art in New Hampshire. He carefully chooses the architectural settings in which he prefers to display his architectonic sculptures.  His minimal, geometric forms contribute to the frontier of architecture by changing the emotions evoked by place. The physical exertion required of Vaclav to create the large-scale sculptures in wood and/or steel attests to his commitment to an intuitive, hands-on, art-making process. It is his love of and commitment to the creative process that allows him to communicate with space, people, and God through his art.