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There are several ways to support the Andres Institute of Art.

 Use the PayPal button to the right to donate.

Visit the Join & Support page to become a member or to get more information for corporate or custom support options.

Make your Amazon purchases on smile.amazon.com and select Andres Institute of Art as your designated charity.

Designate AIA as your charitable organization linked to your TD Bank account and the bank will make a donation based on your account activity. 

Use the Donation boxes in the park at the trail head or the studio.

Mail a check to the address below. 

PayPal Donation Button may be used with a PayPal Account or a credit card.

Many thanks for your support.

Donations make it possible for the Andres Institute

to remain free and open to the community.

Sculpture Park Entrance &

Visitor Center

106 Route 13, Brookline, NH 03033

Call or Mail

(603) 673-7441  (8am-5pm)

Andres Institute of Art, PO Box 226, Brookline, NH 03033-0226


Gail Bloom, AIA President