Iron Melt


Membership Drive

October 19th


Molds and Memberships

Make your mold selection, choose a membership to get a discount.

Membership is a separate purchase.

Pick up your mold,

take it home

and carve it.

Return carved molds

to be prepared for

the Iron Melt.


Iron Pour


Cast Iron Tiles

Return to the AIA to watch the Iron Melt and take home your art!

The Iron Melt will be Saturday, October 19th.


Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 19th so you can see the pour in person, even if you aren’t participating with a mold. The pour should happen between noon and 1:30 pm. Molten iron can be a little finicky, please be patient.

The mold pickup and drop off location is at the AIA Welcome Center (formerly the Big Bear Lodge), 106 Route 13, Brookline, NH.

Molds must be picked up in person, they are too heavy to mail. You can reserve a mold online through the store. To pick up your mold, visit the Welcome Center on Tuesdays or Thursdays between 11 and 4. Hours are being added for the sumer, so watch for the OPEN sign. If the green OPEN sign is not out, visit Brookline’s Finest right next door – they are open every day, 9-5. In either case, please print or be prepared to show proof of purchase on your phone. Order online and select “Pay by Check” to pay with check (or cash) at pickup. Please print or show on your phone the confirmation email to pick up your mold.

Drop molds off at the Welcome Center or with Brookline’s Finest. Return the carved mold, carving tool and board. They may be returned the morning of the Iron Pour, but should be received by 10am. Returning them by October 18th allows us to prep ahead of time for a more timely pour.

The Iron Pour is estimated between 12 and 1pm; however, molten iron can be finicky. Please be patient. Once poured, the casts need to be cooled, cleaned and have rough edges removed. This is a good time to explore the trails! Then, return to the Studio to claim your unique work of iron art.

The cost for the Iron Melt is $45 for non-members and $35 for members.

To purchase Iron Melt(s) use this link for Iron Melt purchase.

For Individual or Family Memberships use this link to the Membership Page then visit the Store page to purchase the Iron Melt(s).

Here’s a video of the Remote Iron Melt process:

Sculpture Park Entrance &

Visitor Center

106 Route 13, Brookline, NH 03033

Call or Mail

(603) 673-7441  (8am-5pm)

Andres Institute of Art, PO Box 226, Brookline, NH 03033-0226


Kristi St. Laurent, AIA President