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New England’s largest outdoor sculpture park.

Open every day from dawn to dusk.

106 Route 13, Brookline, New Hampshire

The International Bridges and Connections Sculpture Symposium at the Andres Institute of Art

September 14th – October 6th, 2024

Andres Institute of Art 25th Anniversary  1998-2023

There are now 100 sculptures on the hill from the Symposia. Visit the page to learn about the 2023 and 2022 events.

The AIA Experience:

 “Great art picks up where nature ends“

– Marc Chagall

10+ Miles of trails over 140 acres

100+ Sculptures - representing 40+ countries

Self-guided hiking - docents available

AIA Center open seasonally

Community, art and cultural events

Explore. Enjoy. Relax.

Art… naturally.

The Collection

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Attention all dogs – you are always welcome at the sculpture park! Please remember to keep your human on the other end of the leash and remember the AIA is a Carry In/Carry Out site.

Refer your human to the Plan Your Visit page for more information.

Support the vision…

This is mighty work! And you can play an important role in it!

The Institute is a non-profit organization. We are in part supported by our visionary founder, Paul Andres, as well as by individual contributions. You can contribute to this amazing organization, expressing your value of the arts and your commitment to the natural beauty of our area. Become a member or donate & help us to hold this innovative vision to expand our creative work!

 Events at the Andres Institute

The Andres Institute of Art is not only a community of sculptors and art lovers, we are also the hub for the arts of all genre in our Southern New Hampshire community. Check back often and see what we have in store!

Dine with the Symposium Artists!

There will be two opportunities to share a meal with the visiting artists during the Symposium. Since they are arriving from overseas, the intent is to share some regional and classic American food with them. On Saturday, September 23 will be a barbecue with food from...

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Int’l Sculpture Symposium Opening Ceremony 9/16

The AIA Annual international Bridges and Connections Sculpture Symposium Opening Ceremony will be held Sept 16 at 1:00 pm at the AIA Welcome Center. The Symposium format will be explained, the visiting artists will be present and will be introduced. The public is...

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John M. Weidman, A Familiar Place published!

John M. Weidman, A Familiar Place is a summary of the artist's life in word, portraits and photographs. Mr. Weidman is co-founder of the Andres Institute of Art and has a long, notable career as an artist both in America and abroad. The book is available signed by Mr....

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Be Involved:

It takes a village to bring sculptures into the world, and we are always grateful for folks that are ready to pitch in! Any help you are able to give could not be appreciated more!


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106 Route 13, Brookline, NH 03033

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Kristi St. Laurent, AIA President