Carole Turner – Oregon USA / Turkey










My sculpture is inspired by many things, but it is greatly influenced by travel and location. Even though “wherever you go, there you are,” when you are out of your comfort zone, you can’t help but see and experience the world in a different way. That I travel frequently, and live in Istanbul much of the time, it seems that I am almost always a foreigner, which has perhaps resulted in my work becoming more reflective, while at the same time, more expansive in recent years.


I work with a number of ideas on a regular basis, but memory and transformation are two themes that often recur in various forms and materials. For the past few years I have combined these two themes in what has become a group of “Voices” sculptures concerned with the words and images we are inundated with over a lifetime. How we process those voices, how much importance we assign, how long we retain the input, inform and form us, and who we become.


From infancy we are molded by the voices we hear and the actions of others, and their reactions to our words and our actions. Along with real interactions, television and advertising played a big part in many of our formative years, subjecting us to scientific manipulation to process as well. All of those voices and video clips stay with us, buried in our psyches – some near the surface, and others buried deeper, but instantly accessible with unexpected triggers.


My “Voices” sculptures consist of figures formed entirely of wrapped layers of thin strips of metal that represent audio tapes providing a continual “soundtrack” of voices, as well as other sculptural references to the voices that created them. My Andres Institute project is aligned with this group.



American artist Carole Turner creates contemporary sculpture in stone, steel, bronze, and wood.  She carves, fabricates, and models with abstracted and geometric design, as well as voluptuous figurative and organic form.


Currently based in Istanbul, Carole works and exhibits internationally, and her many monumental sculptures can be found in the collections of museums, municipalities, sculpture parks, and corporations in Italy, Argentina, Germany, Vietnam, Russia, South Korea, Austria, Poland, Romania, Mexico, Egypt, China, Chile, India, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Greece, Turkey, and the United States.


Recent highlights include: “Excellence Award” for the Tidal Wonders Sculpture Project in Haining, China (2015); Large scale sculptures featured in Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art Terrace Exhbitions, Istanbul (2015 and 2016); Large scale sculpture featured in Grand Pera, Cercle d’Orient Art and Culture Center’s inaugural exhibition, Istanbul (2016); Monumental bronze “Remergence” acquired by Wenatchee Performing Arts Center, Washington (2011); life size bronze sculpture, “Rhythmic Dancer,” featured in the International Olympic Sculpture Exhibition in Beijing 2008 and awarded the “Excellence Award” in the Olympic Landscape Sculpture Design Competition, China (2008).