Greg Spitzer – Massachusetts, USA

“I create my work using some of the most durable of materials – stone and bronze. I use these enduring materials to create a connection with the viewer by evoking a sense of recognition and permanence.  Beauty, classic form, design, as well as a dedication to precision, are essential to achieving this goal. I control as many factors as possible before I begin sculpting, but as each work progresses, unpredictable elements may appear and are incorporated in context.  Often, these elements enhance my work in unexpected ways – the merging of nature with my designs creates my best work.” Born in Montana, Greg Spitzer began experimenting with stone carving while living in Denver, Colorado, where he, worked alongside the various carvers at The Purple Door Studios. After moving to Boston, Massachusetts in 2008, he soon became a member of the New England Sculptors Association (NESA).  He became president of the organization in 2011.  That same year he also became a juried member of the Cambridge Art Association (CAA). Spitzer attended the Massachusetts College of Art and Design from 1999 to 2001 where he spent time studying and experimenting with casting techniques. He wa also accepted to study traditional carving techniques at the renowned Studio SEM in Pietrasanta, Italy. Spitzer also travels annually to Denver, Colorado to take part in the MARBLE/marble symposium.

Spitzer currently works at the Hillside Sculpture Studios in Medford, MA. His work is represented in Massachusetts by L’Attitude Gallery in Boston, MA., The Powers Gallery in Acton, MA., and The Walsingham Gallery in Newburyport, MA.




Hillside Sculpture Studios 236 Boston Ave Medford, MA 02155

Phone: (617)-237-0372



This work evolved as the result of an inner dialog. “Silent Conversation”  represents the imaginative as well as the physical process of creating. It is reflective of the contemplative period leading to a moment of inspiration and elation.